Amanda Lee


“I believe that one of the best ways to help improve the world, is to learn to live with ease, by tapping into the natural power that we all have available to us. Particularly as parents, we need to do this so we can take a stand for what we believe is right for our children. We need to act without fear, to change things for the better. “

I’m committed to helping parents make life easier, so they can be successful and happy at the same time, and empower their children to be the same.  I want you to know that you really can live the way you want to, not the way everyone says that you “should”. I believe that this puts you and your children in a powerful position to create positive change in the world, starting with you.

My strongest drive is to show you that you are a powerful person, and that tapping into that power comes through living with ease, not by knuckling down and trying harder. You just need to know how.


The rest of the story…


For over 25 years, Amanda worked in the medical and forensic world.  Ten years ago, as a successful business owner, helping to save lives with her medical photography, she had, by all accounts,  a great life.  A worthwhile career with good income, working part time as her own boss, and having time to spend with her husband and young children. So, it’s no wonder that her family and friends couldn’t really understand when she frequently brought up the subject that her career was “killing her soul”.

What was the problem? “It felt like a self-created prison.”

She longed to live with more meaning and still be free to fully enjoy the precious time with her children.

She sought a solution to her problem through dozens of the ‘usual pathways’, but without success. Finally, after eighteen years, she came across the concept of living life at a whole new level – through a paradigm shift. Within 3 months she had sold her business (something she had previously thought impossible), and had embarked on her new career, bringing a powerful new paradigm into practical living for hundreds of people. She was also totally free to spend time with the family, when and how she wanted.

However, even though her clients both locally and internationally were experiencing massive positive change in their lives, the busiest people didn’t have the time to dedicate to the traditional type of program. Yet they were the people she most wanted to help.

With her background in the medical and forensic world, Amanda had seen plenty of suffering up close. However, she saw the everyday overwhelm affecting parents and their children, as the most unfortunate suffering of all…because it’s avoidable.

To help busy people, she knew she had to come up with a simpler and quicker way of doing it. That’s when her visual system, The MAP of YOU was born.

Only a short time later, Amanda had the opportunity to test The MAP of YOU for herself, on the ‘frontline’. Suddenly being met with a stacking of major life challenges, Amanda called on her own system for living with ease amongst challenge. As a result, she not only survived, but thrived, through what would otherwise have been an overwhelming time.

Amanda now revels in using The MAP of YOU to help parents create extraordinary positive change, quickly, without going down the self-help wormhole.

She sees her greatest ongoing achievement to date as having the courage to follow her own ‘MAP’, which has allowed her to enjoy not just quality time, but quantity time with her children, at the same time as helping others to do the same.


The formal bit…


  • Bachelor of Applied Science degree
  • Registered nurse
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Long term student and practitioner of Buddhist mind training
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Dedicated mother of two