7 Myths about Living with Ease

7 Myths about Living with Ease

Even in the most idyllic life, suffering happens. It is an inevitable part of being human. But day to day living doesn’t have to be laced with stress and torment , even though it might seem that way nowadays.

To stop the epidemic of overwhelm in this chaotic world, I believe that a paradigm shift in the way we see life is required.  It’s a simple step, and once that shift is made, you can quickly come to see that much of the suffering that we habitually experience is unnecessary.

With the new perspective in place, and the deliberate intention to live with ease, things improve surprisingly quickly.

Interestingly, some people still don’t believe that living with ease is a real option for them, or else they resist it as not being ‘OK’. I believe that this is because of a string of misconceptions, which include the following.


7 Myths about Living with Ease

Many people think that intentionally living with ease means:

  1. Expecting nothing ‘bad’ or unwanted to happen
  2. Not doing much / never working hard / being unproductive
  3. Being hedonistic
  4. Not benefitting others / not pulling your weight
  5. Always expecting to feel good
  6. Not facing reality / not being responsible
  7. Being selfish

None of these are correct. On the contrary, when we learn to intentionally live with ease we free up our bandwidth.

With greater a bandwidth we have infinitely more space in our lives and any feeling of overwhelm disappears.

We not only feel better in ourselves, we have far more to offer to our families, people around us and the rest of the world. As parents, we can emulate the way in which we wish our children to live also.


Through intentionally living with ease:

  • You are powerfully positioned to create circumstances of your choosing, without effort.
  • You are no longer creating more challenge in your life than is already presented to you.
  • You cut most potential challenges off at the pass, without force or struggle.
  • When challenges do occur, you know how to dissolve most of them quickly and easily.
  • When life situations occur that you really can’t change, you know how to deal with them with true calm, acceptance and equipoise.

This all leads to your life loosening up and flowing smoothly, as a matter of course, giving you the space to move, to think and to just be. You are no longer hamstrung by fear, doubt and “shoulds”, or caught up in the struggle to make things happen, so you become more productive, which in turn creates more space. From there the feeling of inspiration can re-enter and you have confidence to move forward in the way you really want to.


Could you be living with more ease?

You can do a quick self-check by asking yourself these questions. Am I:

  1. Resigned to life being hectic, stressed or less than happy?
  2. Struggling to create space in my mind or life, by giving up things or pushing things away?
  3. Stressfully trying to protect myself from things, people and unwanted circumstances?
  4. Persistently trying to “make lemonade out of the lemons”?
  5. Struggling, pushing and striving to be or have what I want?
  6. Giving up on my dreams?
  7. Lowering my expectations to avoid disappointment?

These are just some of the signs that we are not engaging our full power and thereby making life difficult.

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How Well Do You Listen?

How Well Do You Listen?

One of the most most important things we can offer anyone is the gift of being heard; listening is the cornerstone of connection.

I wish I’d known this decades ago, but nevertheless I’m grateful for having developed this skill during my law of attraction coaching training. Often we can be most powerful and most use to people when we shut up!

Did you know that letters used to spell SILENT are the exact same letters as those needed to spell LISTEN! Coincidence?

Unfortunately, most of us have a running dialog and a perpetual stream of thoughts running through our heads that prevents us from really listening. To have a positive effect on others, we need to tame our own internal chatter in order to receive the communication of the person who is speaking. Receiving the communication of another person is more than simply registering their words. It’s listening for the nuances that reveal the emotions behind those words. Often the things people don’t say is more significant than the things they do. If we are preoccupied with our own thoughts or have formed a foregone conclusion about what someone else is saying, we miss these subtleties completely.

Two important things occur when we listen to another without distractions, preconceptions or judgments.

 1) We forge an energetic connection that goes directly to the intention behind the words being spoken; and

   2) We open up a space for others to imagine new possibilities and conceive a new vision for their lives.

I learned and practiced this as part of my coach training, and I get a buzz daily from mutual effect of these simple two points. As for my own personal life – that’s where I appreciate the gift of listening the most.

So how well do you think you listen? Do you think that you could develop this skill by being more mindful? Maybe try it out today…. if you’re anything like me you could be quite surprised at how much room for improvement there is!

As always, I would love to hear your feedback, comments and discussion.