The Power of Your Thoughts

The Power of Your Thoughts

There are 3 videos below that have the capacity to change your life. So even if you normally skip reading due to the ADD tendency that is growing in most of us, I urge you to watch the videos about the power of your thoughts.

So, where are you when it comes to harnessing the power of your thoughts?

Science proves what the spiritual traditions have been saying for thousands of years; our thoughts have a profound effect on the world around us. Yet the majority of people in our society are still not coming anywhere close to fully utilising this power that we all have available to us. I believe that two of the main reasons for this are

  1. Lack of knowledge, understanding or awareness
  2. Lack of trust

Therefore, the aim of this post is to bring insight to those who are new to this concept, and to also build trust in those who are already familiar with the idea. From there, taking inspired action towards positive change can be done with ease.

Why is this so important right now?

I believe that this is not only the key to being able to live with inner peace in this hectic Western world; you can take it much further. It is the first step in learning to create genuine space for enjoying life the way you want to, instead of merely existing the way you feel you have to.

From there, it can be possible for each individual to begin affecting positive change on a much larger scale. We can do this when we truly recognise the part that each of us plays in the collective consciousness that changes worlds.


Why watch the videos?

One of the main keys to building awareness and trust in the power of your thoughts, is to frequently consume material from recognised leaders in the area, be they scientific or spiritual. My advice is to contemplate and compare material from both arenas.

Below, you will find three videos from the world of science. Two of them by world renowned scientists and authors, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. The third is by Lynne McTaggart, the investigative journalist and author whose main body of work springs from many years working closely with cutting edge quantum physicists. The videos explain themselves.

Wherever you are on the path of learning to harness the power of thought, I believe that these three videos (selected from hundreds that I could recommend) are powerful reminders to stop operating in the old paradigm, one of struggling to make things happen. Instead, come at things the smart way, the easier way, starting with your thoughts and intentions.

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Lynne McTaggart

Intention Experience: We Create Our Matrix

Bruce Lipton

‘Happy thoughts = Happy life’

Gregg Braden

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Build your trust, improve your life

Scientific proof of the power of intention

Anything that helps you to build more trust in the power of your own intention, will increase your success with manifesting the life you wish to lead. Therefore, I encourage you to watch this short video by the amazing Lynne McTaggart.

I always love watching and reading Lynne’s work because she is an extremely down to earth investigative journalist, and world renowned author of ‘The Field’, ‘The Intention Experiment’ and ‘The Bond’. Lynne’s work brings all the ‘woo-woo’ back down to a real and usable level!

It’s only short – watch it now! Enjoy.