'I feel at ease for the first time in my life!'

'After trying so many other things, The MAP works for me'

'I had been searching for 8 years, now I am in my dream job, I can't believe it'

'After one session I felt better than 5 days at a retreat '

Do you wish you could do things differently?   Have you said lately, “Things are OK, but…”


“Guided by The MAP of YOU, you’ll be peaceful, powerful, and live with ease…
in the way that suits you and your life.”


Working at the intersection of science, spirituality and practical living, The MAP of YOU lets you create extraordinary positive change, quickly, and ‘on the go’.


This unique, customised, proven program isn’t like the others!  With your personalised MAP of YOU guiding you, and  with your custom ‘cue cards for living’ by your side, you’ll not only realise that you are powerful, you will see and feel it unfolding in your everyday life.


The MAP of YOU – 5 Steps to Living with Ease

Before you start – Get Fuel

Before setting out with your MAP, you need to prepare… If you’re making choices and decisions based on your fears or frustrations, then you’re going to feel constricted and stressed, with an overall feeling of ‘heaviness’. This way of living prevents you from living with ease and attracts into your life the very things that you’re trying to avoid.

To change this, you need to start by turning your fears and frustrations into energy, and create the space you need to make use of it. This lets you:

  • Feel lighter
  • See your new plan in sharp focus
  • Start attracting more of what you want and less of what and who you don’t want
  • Take the pressure off and create room to move


Roll out your MAP for living with ease

Using willpower to beeline towards your aims and solutions makes life difficult. It creates pressure and struggle and leaves many of us feeling disempowered, unsuccessful or overwhelmed. This, combined with the modern pace, pressures and distractions, is the perfect recipe for The Overwhelm EffectTM.

When see your life in a new picture, and get the keys for living with ease, you can:

  • Stop doing things the hard way
  • Literally see a much easier path for yourself
  • Feel empowered and relieved that you’re not stuck after all
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed (and know how to avoid it forever)
  • Begin to see and live your life in a whole new way

Develop your ‘Spiritelligence’

When you’re relying only on your five senses you’re living within a very limited bandwidth. This keeps you in the energy of lack, with fear as your main driving force. In the modern world it feels as if you have little room to move. Without a systematic way of growing your bandwidth, and maintaining it on the go, you’re likely to stay trapped.

Having your Spiritelligence prescription lets you apply the powerful intersection of science and spirituality to your everyday life, so you can:

  • Experience the space and freedom of a having bigger bandwidth (not just a concept)
  • Reduce stress and increase feelings of peace and calm
  • Purposefully harness the energy that is already available to you
  • Replace doubt or blind faith with the rock-solid trust from personal experience

Reveal your Vision & Purpose

If you are living without a clear, inspired vision; fear and the feeling of ‘should’ usually pushes you. Important areas in your life compete with each other leaving you drained. Stress and a lack of fulfillment start to feel ‘normal’, and you end up feeling ‘stuck’.


When you reveal your inspired vision, you not only get crystal clear on what you really want, you illuminate your clear path for success, with ease. You can:

  • Open yourself to new possibilities, without fear of disappointment
  • Have crystal clarity about where you’re headed and how to get there, with ease
  • Make decisions and move forward with confidence.
  • Have the things that matter most to you in alignment, instead of in competition
  • Stop limiting yourself

Learn to live in the Flow

When you don’t know how to deliberately align with flow, you usually end up doing things the hard way. You struggle to achieve goals and often don’t aim for what you really want because it seems too hard or impossible. When things do work our you call it ‘lucky’, and living with ease becomes hit and miss at best.

When you learn to get in the flow, you:

  • Stop struggling to achieve your goals, and you accomplish things with ease
  • Notice your days flow smoothly
  • Attract what you want often ‘like magic’
  • Think big without feeling weighed down
  • Feel as if you have a ‘sat nav’ and personalised cue cards for your life

Roll out your MAP for the deep dive

Without the bigger picture of yourself, you can’t recognise the cause of what’s happening in your life (good or bad) and so you remain relatively powerless. Even with the best intentions you’ll struggle to stay in the flow, and you make things harder by sabotaging yourself. At best, you keep going in circles, and self-help often adds to your load.

When you literally see a new paradigm of yourself and the rest of the world, you will:

  • Perceive and experience life with a whole new level of empowerment
  • Enjoy true self-love (not the surface kind) and benefit others more
  • Stand confidently in your peaceful power no matter what is going on around you
  • Stop self-sabotaging
  • Stop going down the self-help wormhole once and for all

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What people are saying…

If you feel you are at the crossroads and you want help you live your life with ease, and happiness, let Amanda introduce you to your MAP. I would recommend The Map of You with Amanda Lee to anyone who would like a practical, powerful, user friendly guide for your everyday living – for the rest of your life.
Lee Felix 2016

“The MAP of YOU works for me! There were work situations that I used to find challenging …and yes it would be a stressed day! But now I’m calm, in the flow, and it has been so different!  The whole situation has changed and is now stress free and smooth travelling! ” Jenny, Newcastle, 2016

I have lived with daily anxiety all my life as well as suffering from 2 diseases, one of which is terminal.   So, as you could imagine I have spent countless hours trying to “fix” myself in the self-help section of my favourite book stores!  7 different Psychologists, yoga, diets and unused gym memberships along with low self-esteem was what my life used to look like.

After one program with Amanda I had all I never needed to beat my anxiety and get on with living life the way I wanted to!  I am at ease for the first time in my life and if I get stuck I know exactly what to do. This feeling of empowerment is the best gift I have ever been given.  

Kirsty 2016