The MAP of YOU – VIP Mentoring Program


Wherever you are ‘at’, we will get you flowing.

Whether you want more clarity for moving forward, have one nagging problem, are surrounded by chaos, or simply want time to do what you love; we’ll work together to get you flowing with ease.

We’ll create The MAP of YOU, step by step, together, so that  you’ll not only be in the process of creating your best life for the future, you’ll be living your best life, right now. Throughout the program, I’ll be by your side, helping you navigate with your new map in your everyday life. We’ll focus our time to exactly suit your needs, and have you feeling fully confident in following your new MAP into the future.


Move forward with clarity, peace of mind, confidence, and excitement.


How does it work?

This is the standard VIP mentoring program, which you and I will tailor exactly for you.

  • 8-week fully personalised MAP of YOU program includes:
  • 2- hour Quickstart session
  • Three 90 minute coaching sessions a month
    – Typically once a week for the first three weeks of the month
    –  In person or by phone or video link up
  • Four 10-minute laser coaching sessions per month – whenever you need them to help stay you in the flow,
  • Unlimited email support from me to answer any questions at all
  • Customised materials for continuing with your MAP and for helping your children




I’ll be your personal guide.

I can only work one-on-one with a small number of people each month. If you’d like see if this is a fit for you, please click the apply button below to fill out a brief questionnaire. I’ll then contact you to set up a complimentary discovery call.