It is common, scientifically proven knowledge that a regular practice of meditation provides a long list of physical, emotional and practical benefits. From reducing stress, to increasing productivity, to helping prevent heart disease, the list of reasons to meditate is extensive.

Not surprisingly, meditation has been adopted more and more in recent years by individuals, work places and schools, as the benefits become more well known.

What is surprising however, is that the main reason, the ultimate benefit of meditation, is often not known, or is glossed over.

The real reason for meditation goes so much deeper than the list of physical ‘positive side effects’ as I’ve heard them referred to. When we meditate we come to know our own minds.

We learn to connect to who and what we really are.

So instead of paddling along through life using all the will and might you can muster from your five senses alone; most likely exhausting yourself in the process, you can learn to make things easier for yourself. You can tap into a much bigger power source – the real you, which is infinite consciousness.

Here is a video that I recommend, which explains more about the real benefit of meditation. I hope that this inspires you to give yourself the greatest gift of learning to meditate.


If you would like to have personal or group meditation instruction brought to you in your home, school or workplace, contact HappinessHQ to find out more. There are many different ways of practicing meditation and some methods will suit you more than others. I can help you to demystify it and come up with a routine that fits with you, your lifestyle and your requirements. I’ll also show you that meditation doesn’t have to be complicated, arduous or time-consuming in order to provide huge positive changes in your life.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more and to get started as soon as possible.